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Welcome to my Studio
You are welcome to visit my studio where you can try guitars that are currently available for sale. Spend some time in a comfortable and quiet environment where the acoustics of the studio enable the guitarist to easily evaluate the sound, the quality and other attributes of the instrument. Contact me to make an appointment.
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Various past and present masters of guitar making, specifically: Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser 1, Ignatio Fleta and Marcelo Barbero in the style of guitars that they made have been influential in the development of my guitars. However, it should not be considered that I attempt to make copies of the guitars of these makers - I simply appreciate the qualities achieved and push myself to enhance these characteristics within the individual design and character of my own guitars. I believe that this process has provided for instruments that are valued and appreciated both by the guitarist and the listener.
A large palette of musical colour provides for a clear focused sound that is well balanced and robust in the bass strings to clear and crisp with excellent sustain in the trebles.

All Earl S Marsh guitars have the unique feature of a built in double thickness binding on the bass side of the instrument. This provide for extra comfort because the binding rounding off is increased significantly. The binding will never wear away from friction of fabrics. The extra binding thickness provides for increased stiffness on the bass side of the soundboard giving a strong robust bass.
Bass binding
Swiss alps
Picture taken from woodstore entrance 1300 metres up in the Swiss alps
My soundboards are fashioned from the best European spruce which I select personally from a wood store high up in the Swiss Alps. This is cut at the right time of the year and only at the correct phasing of the moon when the sap in not active and rising . To compliment the quality of the soundboard only the tightest grained spruce is used for the strutting and bracing. Occasionally I also use the best quality Western red cedar.
Guitar Label
Each guitar bears the name
of a lady on Picasso's T- shirt

The Picasso cartoon is the creation of Earl S Marsh
guitar label
photo of rosette
Each rosette is made individually. The design and colours are influenced by the vibrant colours and bold tile designs to be found in the Moorish architecture of the Alhambra in Granada. This amazing place is also remembered in the design carved into the head veneer of my guitars; again each head is individually carved with no two being identical and the effect that I am looking for is in my memories of the designs of the private latticed windows in the ladies quarters in the older part of the Alhambra.
Earl S Marsh classical guitars can be fitted with the tuning machines of your choice. Typically I use Thomas Rubner, Erving Sloan and Keith Robson.
Flamenco guitars are fitted with quality Fustero machines.
blake robson tuners

In my humidity controlled store the various species of wood for the back and sides include: Brazilian rosewood, Indian rosewood, American black walnut, Jaguar ear, Birds-eye Maple and Spanish cypress. Either American mahogany or Spanish cedar is used for the necks.

Each guitar is made by hand in a humidity controlled workshop from the best quality well seasoned timbers and finished with a traditional method of french polishing.


Please contact me for prices of guitars

Price given will include a Hiscox Deluxe Case.


I usually have some guitars in stock which may be seen in the guitar galley. The other option is for you to have a guitar specially made for you and if you so wish it is possible for you to visit my workshop. Here we can discuss your requirements and for you to choose the individual timbers which will be used to make your own special guitar.

Upon placing an order you will be given a confirmed price for which a non-returnable 25% deposit will be required. The outstanding balance must be cleared prior to delivery or collection of your guitar. Shipping and shipping insurance costs will be confirmed prior to despatch and added to the outstanding balance to be paid by the purchaser.

The approximate delivery date will be given upon the order being placed and the deposit paid. Various options for payment are available including PAYPAL and Electronic bank transfer.

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